Thursday, March 2, 2017

Naziri and Jigar

فلک سراسر بازار دہر غم چیدہ است
نشاط نیست کہ یک جای ہست و یک جا نیست
ہوای وصل کسی میکند کہ بلہوس است
در ان دلی کہ محبت بود، تمنا نیست

falak saraasar-e baazaar-e dehr gham cheedast
nishaat neest ke yek jaai hast o yek jaa neest
havaai-e vasl kasee mi-kunad ke bolhavas ast
dar an dilee ke mohabbat bovad, tamanna neest


Heaven has made sorrow available (for purchase) everywhere in the marketplace of the world;
Not like joy, which is found in some places and not in others.
Only worshippers of Greed seek union (with the Beloved);
The heart that is filled with Love is devoid of Desire.

The second couplet reminded me of a wonderful couplet by Jigar Muradabadi:
بیٹھے ہیں بزم دوست میں گمشدگان حسن دوست
عشق ہے اور طلب نہیں، نغمہ ہے اور صدا نہیں

baeThay haeN bazm-e dost mayN gumshudagaan-e husn-e dost
ishq hae aor talab naheeN, naghma hae aor sadaa naheeN


The ones lost in the Beloved's beauty are sitting in the Beloved's company;
(In their hearts) there is Love but no Desire, there is song but no sound.

No poet in all of Urdu literature is better than Jigar at capturing the ineffable states of mind in universal ways - a modern sensibility in classical form. His poetry needs much more appreciation than it get today

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