Thursday, March 2, 2017

American Rainbow

A very important story. It's already too late to keep the US from becoming a majority non-white country by about 2045 or so. Already, the 5-years and under population is majority non-white.

What this may mean, however, is that we'll start seeing a reversal of the North-South political split that has developed over the last 40 years. The South will become increasingly Latino and trend more Democratic, while the Midwest and even some states in the Northeast may trend Republican (or Trumpian) as white identity becomes stronger. We saw a preview of that in 2016, though I think this is not yet a real thing.
Ultimately, I think that the Republican Party will either disintegrate or abandon its solid conservatism long before the realignment is complete. However, there are many X factors in this, including Trump and terrorism.

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