Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Blessed (Chinese) Curse

I think we're now going through the most interesting time in history in our lifetimes, and while it is frightening and disturbing, it is also exciting to live in such times and be part of such world-changing events. In particular, I think the younger ones among us are about to get an opportunity that not every generation gets: To stand up for fundamental Good in the face of real danger - not just because of Trump, but because of all the changes happening in the world, of which Trump is just one manifestation. At other times, only some choose to confront great questions, and some have such questions thrust upon them. In this time, we will ALL have to confront the issue of who we are deep down - what is the bedrock beyond which we are not willing to be pushed, whatever the consequences. In a way, it is a welcome moment of clarity. Lives derive meaning from such moments, and it is in such moments that the world is transformed.

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