Monday, February 27, 2017

And What Rough Beast ...

"Putin's Real Long Game" - definitely comes from a certain perspective (what doesn't?), but is well worth reading. Probably the clearest analysis of the new geopolitical reality that I have seen, though an incomplete one:
"As the definitions of war and peace have blurred, creating impossibly vast front lines and impossibly vague boundaries of conflict, Putin has launched a kind of global imperialist insurgency. The Kremlin aggressively promotes an alternate ideological base to expand an illiberal world order in which the rights and freedoms that most Americans feel are essential to democracy don’t necessarily exist. It backs this up with military, economic, cultural and diplomatic resources. Through a combination of leveraging hard power and embracing the role of permanent disruptor — hacker, mercenary, rule-breaker, liar, thief — Putin works to ensure that Russia cannot be excluded from global power."

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