Sunday, January 3, 2016

Apprehensively Optimistic

Published on Brown Pundits - May 28, 2014

This brief article was published as the Modi government took power in India. In Pakistan, politics at the time was being rocked by a very public rift between the Army and Geo TV, which had implicitly blamed secret military agencies for an assassination attempt on its star anchor, Hamid Mir.

It is interesting and depressing to note that, though much has happened since then, India and Pakistan are still caught up in the same vicious cycle of mutual mistrust, hidden agendas, media jingoism and conspiracist mindsets.

Here's how the post ended:

"A friend asked me how I felt about the outcome of the Indian elections. My answer was "apprehensively optimistic". That's where we are today. May the apprehensions diminish and the optimism grow!"

The whole can be read here.

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